Theater of Nitrogen

Workshop kit

Theater of Nitrogen is a creative theater and education kit to introduce children to the topic of the nitrogen cycle and sensitize them to the problems of unrestrained nitrogen release.


With our young target group, we wanted to raise the awareness of generation for environmental problems. The young people have their lives ahead of them and we think that the willingness and openness to think differently is especially great among children and adolescents. But how can this target group be reached? Since today many teachers are overburdened or only employed as temporary teachers, we have developed an educational package to counteract this systematic problem.


The Kit includes a booklet with a collection of warm-up and preparation games, a guide to the creative Nitrogen Cycle play, templates for masks, theme cards for the play, and a poster to explain the Nitrogen Cycle. The goal is to bring this very complex topic to children and young people through creative and playful approaches in a workshop. The education kit is available online for free and is suitable for children between 10-14 years. The workshop is designed for an amount of 20 to 30 children.


In order to test the feasibility of our project, we ran the workshop with a 5th grade. The enthusiasm with which the kids  worked on the topic were very impressive.

After each scene the kids had to reflect on what they have learned. We asked questions like “And what do you think is the result of the dying of the insects?” We found this to be an important part of the workshop, capable of deepening the understanding of the topic in their minds. For the teaching person a list of reflecting questions is included in the booklet.

Other Teammembers
Carla Schewe
Yasmina Aust

Fotos by Yasmina Aust

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