Political Intervention


The world changes. Or is this just perception, brought about by better communication, which allows us to see the changes clearer? What’s sure is that the political situation all over the world is burning. Not only in dictatorships, but also in countries of the western world, social dissatisfaction is on the rise. The people are unsatisfied with their living conditions - even though those have never been better.

From 2014 onward, the right-wing party AfD got more and more votes, and in 2017 became part of the German Bundestag. I wanted to know why people are voting for this party. This campaign isn't a support for the political party at all! It is an interventional dialog with the people of the city. For that reason I portrayed one of the most important persons of the party, Alexander Gauland. He was the top candidate for the federal election campaign 2017 and is known for his right-wing statements.

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