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TIIA is a smart textile-top which correct your posture by giving a light vibration feedback to remind you to straighten up again.

Back pains are often caused or exacerbated by heavy lifting and carrying. Manual labor is not the only cause of back pain - other causes include sitting for extended periods of time. Training of the back muscles is the most sustainable prevention method. The decisive factor in training the back muscles is that the erection is active from the sternum starting in the direction of the front top, without overstretching in the lower back.  
If the position of the back is wrong, the small brooch located on top of the sternum gives a vibration feedback to the wearer. A small Arduino-board inside the brooch controls the sensors and send the voltage. The sensibility of the sensors can be calibrated on any carrier.
The goal is to prevent back pain by correcting the posture of the wearer in the long term. Retracted motion patterns are resolved and corrected.

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