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The MarktBox supplies organic, local and seasonal produce in a reusable box without the need for single-use plastic packaging.


The Challange

Foodboxes are convenient services to get fresh food without too much effort. No wonder that they are becoming more popular. But the system has a side effect: the packaging. Not only the plastic packaging, but also the cardboard boxes will be thrown away after usage.  Is it possible to offer a more ‘Sustainable Foodbox’ for Amsterdam? Yes it is! The MarktBox provides a solution for the organic weekly market, the minimal waste shop, ‘Little Plant Pantry’, along with encouraging local producers to end single-use plastic packaging.

One significant difference to other foodbox systems, is the community, which build the base of the whole concept. Recipe exchanges, workshops for a sustainable lifestyle and the direct impact are key aspects to make Amsterdam food supply chain more sustainable.

How the system works

The first step is to register on the website of MarkBox or by downloading our app. The customers can choose between different Boxes. Moreover, they can decide, if they want to pick up the MarktBox at the Saturday week market, the zero waste shop or get it delivered with a cargo bike for an extra charge. The Boxes are reusable and made from robust, lightweight recycled plastic. After confirming the order the customer gets a QR-code, which contains paying confirmation. The empty box can be dropped at the next pickup point or can be picked up at the next delivery. The boxes are cleaned under hygienic standards to guarantee a fresh box each time.

The MarktBox gives the citizens of Amsterdam the opportunity to get Foodboxes without having to use single-use plastic packaging. The products will be supplied in carbon neutral, compostable paper bags or reusable containers, helping to eliminate single-use plastic and cardboard boxes from the supply chain. Our greatest challenge is to move away from recycled plastic to a fully biodegradable solution. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the demand on resources along with greenhouse gas emissions. MarktBox represents one of many steps in the journey to Zero Plastic.

A collaboration between the weekly organic market and Amsterdam’s minimal waste shop, ‘Little Plant Pantry’, provides the possibility to offer a complete range of vegan, organic groceries in one box without packaging.

MarktBox can act as a community building tool to encourage dialog in ending single-use plastic in the community. By doing so local food producers have the opportunity to reach more consumers united in reducing the plastic impact. MarktBox shortens the food supply chain and connects local food production with consumers. Moreover the MarkBox-Network generates social benefits for the city with inspiring and motivational features like workshops and recipe sharing, connecting people who are motivated to make an impact.

In short, the MarktBox will by its very nature create a shift in behaviour by empowering consumers with a solution to move away from single use plastics.

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