Video Collage

This short film is a snapshot of the interlude of anonymity and familiarity of the village "Loose".

The landscape is rough. The overcast sky makes all colors pale, even gray. Wind blows over the fields with a mixture of salt and sleet. Life in the countryside is easy and often the weather determines the day. The winter is marked by the waiting, the ground frozen, the cattle standing in the stables and the horses gathering protection in small groups. Everyday life is constant. At dawn the cattle are fed.

Every now and then a car drives by, mostly in transit. But in the middle of the village center, there is a different place.

A colorful patch that stands out in complete contrast to its environment. What is an Irish pub today used to be an elementary school. Bathed in warm yellow light, beer is tapped at the bar - Guinness, of course. Most of the same 5 faces can be found, but also from the city dares customers for the first time Loose. Every Friday and Saturday night, the pub becomes a haven, a place to escape from everyday life, to forget worries. And so a parallel world is formed, which even looks surreal in comparison.

Other Teammembers
Gloria Lindenberg
Bianca Streich
Nicole Nguyen
Marielouis Hippler

Fotos by Reinhard Witt

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